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Personal Development Program
Alexander Alliance Germany

Our Personal Development Program - twice in Germany

The Alexander Alliance Germany is an international, cross-generational community/school for the training of teachers of the Alexander Technique and for the promotion of personal growth. As an international school we have sister schools in Japan and the United States.

Over the past 40 years, the Alexander Alliance has offered a solid yet flexible educational model that also offers employed people the opportunity to become Alexander Technique teachers. In addition to our training, we also offer a personal development program that extends over a period of 2 years (Level I).


Since 2021, we offer the program at two locations in Germany. One location in Buchholz a.d. Nordheide (our "North-Branch" close to Hamburg) and the other location is in Dorsten (close to Essen). 


The Personal Development Program starts with a weekend in November/December and includes six weekends per year for two years.

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