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The Alexander Alliance

Who We Are - We are an intergenerational, multi-cultural community / school dedicated to creating a safe and loving environment where, through Alexander's work, people can learn how to become at once, relaxed and ready, soft and strong, light and substantial, stable and flexible, peaceful and lively, receptive and generous, awake to themselves, to others and to the world around them.  

Our Mission - Our mission is to train skillful and compassionate Alexander teachers, which we have been doing ceaselessly and enjoyably for 40 years. Together we learn to free ourselves and our students from stasis, restriction, and fixation. We accompany our students into their fluidity, spaciousness and poise, while ensuring their feet rest comfortably upon common and solid ground. We awaken ourselves and our students to a sensory world full of simple pleasures. Our art is human touch, an inexhaustible resource for education, nurturance, and growth. Our job is to gently un-harness deep, naturally organized patterns of vitality within ourselves and our students. This groundswell of energy strengthens our will to live, love, learn, and work generously and freely.

Our Code of Ethics - We are intending to create and sustain an environment that encourages all members of our community, as well as the Alexander Alliance Europe (AAE) as an organization, to reach their fullest potential in a positive and productive manner. Find here our commitments and guidelines.

What We Offer - We offer Alexander's work to anyone who sincerely wants to learn and grow. Whether it is taking one private lesson, or a series of lessons, an introductory workshop, or a summer retreat, we are here for you. Some people are so moved, so changed through the Alexander Technique they wish to help others in the same way someone helped them. They then decide to train to become Alexander Technique teachers.

Here you can find the complete curriculum of the Alexander Alliance Europe. 

Where We Are - We are in Germany, in Switzerland. We are in the USA, in Santa Fe / New Mexico, in Portland / Oregon. We are in Japan, in Osaka, in Kyoto, in Tokyo, in Okayama, in Hiroshima. Consider joining us.

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