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Personal Development Program
at the Alexander Alliance Europe

For over 40 years, the Alexander Alliance has offered a challenging yet flexible training model that allows people in the workforce to become Alexander Technique teachers. Now we have developed a program that you can use for your personal growth and also as an entry to teacher training.

Our newly designed Personal Development Program offers you three options. 


- Intensive Program

- Retreat Program

- Weekend Program


The Intensive Program includes all dates during the training year. This contains 6 weekend dates, the 4-day event and in spring, summer and fall one long event each, which lasts 9 days.

The 6 weekend dates can be completed either in Dorsten (near Essen) or in Buchholz an der Nordheide (near Hamburg). At the beginning of the program you decide which location suits you better.

The 4-day event takes place in Dorsten and the 3 long events (9 days) take place in a beautiful educational center in Germany and these events are also part of the Intensive Program.

Being an international school, trainees who are in the Intensive Programm or the Teacher Training, at no additional expense, are free to study at our sister schools in Japan and the USA.

The Retreat Program includes the 3 long events (9 days) in Spring, Summer and Fall that we spend in the beautiful education center in Germany. 


If the Weekend Program suits you best, you will participate in 6 weekends either in Dorsten (near Essen) or in Buchholz an der Nordheide (near Hamburg). In addition, you have the possibility to participate in one of the long events (9 days) or in two times four days of the long events (including the 4-day event).

Participation in the Personal Development Program is a prerequisite for entry into our teacher training program.


You can find the scope and costs of the training in the overview and further information about the contents on our website

Contact Details

Janine Stenkbruck

Office & Coordination Manager

+49 177 605 65 56

Margarete Tüshaus

Senior teacher Dorsten

+49 151 12407089

Ann-Kathrin Fliege

Teacher North-Branch

+49 157 5177 3750

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Click here for the schedule in Germany
(main school / Dorsten & North-Branch / Buchholz i.d.N.).
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