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Teacher Training Alexander Alliance

Germany & Switzerland


Acceptance Requirements & Application Procedure for Training

Social Maturity - Existence is co-existence. When you train at the Alexander Alliance you train along with others. We all bring each other up together. 

Self  Motivation - It is our responsibility to do our very best to impart to you what we know, but it is your responsibility to learn it.


Perseverance - Perseverance is more important than talent. In any art, certain abilities come easily and other seem impossibly difficult. A good artist just keeps practicing.

Presence - It's necessary to show up, not only to be in class physically, but openly, willing and ready to receive and participate.


Self-Study - It's important to be able to take what you learn in school back into your everyday life. The work is all about integrating it into the fabric of your life. 

Study Group - Every trainee becomes part of a study group near to where they live. If they live in a place that is not close to a study group, they become part of a Skype group. On a regular basis students get together to talk about the work, to discuss readings, to practice, etc.

Personal Project - All trainees take on a personal project and present their findings toward the end of their training. It might be research into a particular aspect of the technique. It might be a photographic project. It might be pedagogical research, exploring ways of teaching the work to specific populations of people. 

Personal Letter of Admission - Each applicant to the school writes a personal letter expressing why they wish to train at the Alexander Alliance, what they love about the work, and in what ways they wish to grow, both personally and professionally. A vita is also to be included.

Hours - All trainees must complete all their hours of training. There is a one year grace period in which trainees can complete missed hours, without charge. 

Tuition - All trainees promise to pay tuition in a timely manner.

Find out more Details

If you would like to know more details about our community/school simple write us or call us. We will write you back right away, and if you like we can arrange to call you and talk to you about the Alexander Alliance.


If you have administrative and logistical questions, write to our office and coordination manager, Janine Stenkbruck at or call her at +49 (0)177 605 65 56. If you have questions about the Alexander Technique or about educational content at the Alliance, write to Janine and she will direct your questions to the best contact.

You can also contact us via the following form:

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