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Study Options
at the Alexander Alliance Europe


There are many opportunities at Alexander Alliance Europe to learn, explore and discover new perspectives.

- getting to know the school and the training 

- Personal Development Programm

- Alexander Technique Teacher Training

- Postgraduate Workshops and Trainings

To get to know the school and the training, we offer Special Events during our long retreat weeks like the annual Summer Retreat and the Backstage Ticket.

Also it is possible to get to know the training by visiting one of our Weekend trainings in Dorsten or Buchholz a.d. Nordheide.


Here you'll find our training schedule with all training dates in Germany.

If you are interested to participate, please contact Janine Stenkbruck via email

All Events

Here you can see past and upcoming events. 

For upcoming events, the button "Details/Registration" and for past events only "Details".

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