Teacher Training Alexander Alliance
North-Branch Germany

Our first Alexander Alliance Branch in the North of Germany

The Alexander Alliance North-Branch Germany, our first branch, is part of our Germany school and is designed to train teachers of the Alexander Technique. Being an international school, trainees, at no additional expense, are free to study at our sister schools in Japan, Korea, and the USA.

For the past 35 years the Alexander Alliance has offered a rigorous yet flexible training model which allows working people the opportunity to become Alexander Teachers. Our four-year training program encompasses six weekend trainings per year in Buchholz, close to Hamburg, which are offered by the Alexander Alliance North-Branch Germany starting in fall 2020. In addition, every fall, spring, and summer we meet in a beautiful education center in Germany for three 9-day retreats and one 4-day retreat. About once every three years we travel to another country in Europe and hold our retreat in especially beautiful surroundings.

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