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Personal Development Program & Teacher Training
Alexander Alliance

Germany & Switzerland


The Alexander Alliance feeds in me the fire of life, satisfies my desire for growth, answers my need for a larger, friendly, mixed age community. I delight in its inventive pedagogy, its structured teaching wrapped in playfulness, the depth of its content. We are constantly invited to be creative, curious, awake, aware of ourselves, others, and the environment, to step into a land of wonder and fun. I feel as if I have stepped over a threshold into a completely new universe. (​Irène Schlumberger, France)

What Is Unique About The Alexander Alliance

1. Fourty Years of Experience

The Alexander Alliance began in 1982, our Germany school in 1996. We've got 40 years of experience training teachers. We've had lots of practice. We've learned a lot along the way. We've improved, and we continue to improve.​

2. A Large Faculty

We've got a large, international faculty with twelve faculty members. Several of us have been working side by side for over thirty years. Our teachers have distinct talents and orientations; voice, movement, dance, theatre, sports, anatomy, injury prevention and rehabilitation, horsemanship, meditation, spirituality, health and well-being. ​

3. A Flexible Training Program

Most people work for a living. Most teacher training programs in the Alexander Technique meet five mornings a week. For many people this training structure simply is not possible. We offer a rigorous yet flexible training program allowing people who work a chance to become Alexander teachers. ​

4. International Teacher Training Program

We are the only international teacher training program in the Alexander Technique! Our students can, without additonal expense, study wherever and whenever they can in all of our schools. Currently we have schools in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and the United States. Our senior directors all teach every year at every school. We are truly a multicultural, intergenerational community/school.​​

Documentary The Alexander Alliance

​This documentary of our community/school was made by Renea Roberts, award winning videographer and director of the film Gifting It: A Burning Embrace of Gift Economy, and of Rooted Lands - Tierras Arraigadas. Watching Quintessence is perhaps the closest you can get to experiencing our school, that is, next to actually visiting us, which we hope you do. 

​I've never before had a vocation that fit me the way the Alexander work does. When I think of the physical and emotional price my previous occupations demanded, I can only wonder at my good fortune. (M. Gray)

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