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The Alexander Alliance Europe

In 1989 musicians from Bremen visited the Alexander Alliance in America. Inspired by Bruce Fertman's teaching they promptly invited him to teach in Germany. Physiotherapists began attending his workshops and soon he was invited to teach for the students and faculty at the  College of Physiotherapy in Gottingen. Two physiotherapists insisted he begin a teacher training program in Germany. They would not take no as an answer, and so in 1992 the Alexander Alliance Germany began. 

In 2015, a number of Alexander teachers in England, after having read Bruce's writings for a number of years, attended one of his workshops. When it was over they, then and there, proposed organizing a Post Graduate Training Program for him to teach in Dorset, which they did. In 2017 they graduated from the first Alexander Alliance Post Graduate Training Program for Alexander teachers. 

In 2017, Swiss AT students traveled to Germany to attend our Annual Alexander Alliance Summer Retreat. Inspired by their experience, they wanted very much to train at the Germany school to become AT teachers but felt that traveling 11 times a year to Germany would be too strenuous and expensive. The Alexander Alliance Germany decided to help by sending teachers to Switzerland 7 times a year, and thus our first Satellite Alexander Alliance Teacher Training Program began.

Also, in 2017 Bruce was invited to teach in Austria. That workshop was attended by a number of somatic therapists, movement educators and health professionals who asked Bruce to begin a Professional Development Program for people who use their hands in their work to help others. 

It seems we are having a growth spurt. We thought it was time to take on a new name.

We begin the Alexander Alliance Europe.

Consider studying with us and visiting our school

A Photographic Glimpse at the Alexander Alliance Europe
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