Bruce Fertman

Bruce trained with five, first generation Alexander teachers: Catherine Merrick Wielopolska, Marjorie L. Barstow, Richard M. Gummere Jr., Elisabeth Walker, and Erika Whittaker. He brings a lifetime of training as a movement artist and educator to his work as an Alexander teacher having trained in Gymnastics, Modern Dance, Ballet, Contact Improvisation, Tai Chi Chu’an, Aikido, Japanese Tea Ceremony, Argentine Tango, and Kyudo.

He has worked with members of the Berlin Philharmonic, Radio France, The National Symphony in Washington DC, the Honolulu Symphony, for the Curtis Institute of Music, and most recently for Jeong Ga Ak Hoe, a traditional Korean Music Ensemble in Seoul, Korea. Bruce taught for the Five College Dance Program in Amherst, Massachusetts for 13 years, and for the Tango community in Buenos Aires. For 6 years, he taught movement for actors at Temple and Rutgers University.

For ten years Bruce taught annually for the College of Physiotherapy in Gottingen, Germany.

In 1982, Bruce co-founded the Alexander Alliance with Martha Hansen Fertman, an intergenerational, multicultural community/school, the first Alexander teacher training program inspired primarily by the work of Marjorie Barstow. Currently, director of education and senior teacher for the Alexander Alliance Europe, Bruce also teaches annually for Alexander Alliance training programs in Japan, Korea, England, Switzerland, Austria, and America.

Bruce’s heart centered approach as a teacher rests upon extensive study in psychology and theology, specifically, the work of Eric Berne (Transactional Analysis), Carl Rogers (Person Centered Therapy), Frederick Perls (Gestalt Therapy), Albert Ellis (Rational-Emotive Therapy), Carl Jung (Analytical Psychology), and Byron Katie  (Inquiry). Having also studied with Jewish, Christian, and Buddhist scholars, Bruce’s work centers around body and being, movement and meaning, and the relationship between physical and spiritual grace.

Bruce has been using his hands to help people for 55 years.

Robyn Avalon


Robyn has been studying Alexander’s work for over 40 years, being first introduced to it as a young performing artist.


She has worked with members of renowned opera companies, symphony orchestras, music ensembles, music conservatories, dance companies, and circuses including the American Ballet Theater, NYC Ballet, Joffery Ballet, Paul Taylor, Twyla Tharp, Alvin Ailey, Merce Cunningham, Maria Benitez, Meredith Monk, Orpheus, the Juilliard School, the Meadowmount School of Music, Cirque de Soleil, and Ringling Bros/Barnum & Bailey. Robyn has also taught for the US Olympic Dressage Team, the Ladies Professional Golf Association, and the Texas “Aggies” Football Team. She offers continuing education workshops at National Conventions for Osteopathic Physicians, Dentistry, Fiber Arts, National Opera Association, NATS, Suzuki, and Centered Riding.

Robyn is a professional director, choreographer, and dancer. She was a founding member of two rhythm tap companies, and has done international and national tours, Off-Broadway, film and television. Her work has been seen in venues as diverse as NYC’s Blue Note Jazz Club, Carnegie Hall, and The White House.

In addition to her love for the performing arts, Robyn enjoys the healing arts, and is a certified practitioner of Cranial Sacral, Visceral Unwinding, Deep Imagery®, and Matrix Energetics®.

Robyn is the founding director of the Contemporary Alexander School, and co-director of the Alexander Alliance International and is on the core faculty of all Alexander Alliance Schools.



Margarete Tüshaus

Margarete has been teaching Alexander's work for 20 years through private lessons, workshops, seminars frequently within the context of dance, music, and horseback riding. She also works as a teacher trainer on numerous Alexander Teacher Training Programs.


Margarete studied biology (graduation 1994 University of Hohenheim/Germany), and has extensive training in movement arts; ballet, modern dance, and Argentine tango. Zen meditation and spiritual practice are also part of her life.


Margarete manages a large farm with about 40 horses, runs a seminar centre on the farm, and welcomes students to her farm where she helps them to access their inner wisdom, their power and connectedness. Many of her students have trained with her for years and some have gone on to become excellent Alexander Technique teachers.



Midori Shinkai

Midori directs the Alexander Alliance Japan and has been studying Alexander Technique for 40 years. She has trained and translated for several dozen internationally renowned Alexander teachers and consequently possesses an exceptionally broad overview of Alexander’s work. As an anthropology major in college, Midori studied the relationship between culture and coordination. Currently she is intrigued by the correlations between language, thought and movement. For many years Midori has studied and practiced Saitai, a traditional Japanese approach to well-being.



Célia Jurdant

Célia Jurdant directs an Alexander Technique teacher training program in Strasbourg, France. In addition, she has been on the faculty of the Alexander Alliance Germany for 10 years. A vocal artist and voice teacher, Célia specializes at the school on voice as it relates to Alexander's work. Célia studied harp and classical singing, her singing influenced by the work of Kristin Linklater. A mother of four, she also has training in Yoga, Argentine Tango, and Cranial Sacral Therapy. 


Ann-Kathrin Fliege

After many years of working as a speech therapist, Ann-Kathrin dared to change to a new profession and has been a self-employed teacher of the Alexander Technique since 2013. After a long period of chronic illness and "being trapped" within her living conditions and supposed limits, she has learned through the Alexander Technique to recognize and let go of her habits and thought patterns. In this way, she has regained her natural lightness and freedom, has become flexible and agile again and decides in the here and now what the next harmonious step in her life is. In her work with the Alexander Technique she is particularly interested in recognizing undreamt-of possibilities - on a physical, mental and spiritual level.



Magdalena Gassner

Magdalena loves building bridges between different worlds and connecting people. Being trained as a civil engineer, she brings all of her technical and organizational skills to our community and school, where she serves as the Managing Director for the Alexander Alliance Europe.

Following her natural talent and passion for movement, she has trained in many different disciplines, amongst them horseback riding, Tai Chi, Qigong and Systema. From the beginning, she was fascinated, how the Alexander work reveals the beauty and grace of human beings. After finishing her training at the Alexander Alliance Germany in 2016, she has been working as an Alexander teacher giving individual and group lessons. There she emphasizes on awakening untapped potential and on bringing more lightness into every day’s life and being.



Astrid Lobreyer

Since 2008 Astrid has been teaching the Alexander Technique at the BELLA DONNA HAUS in Bad Oldesloe in groups and individually, offering AT Workshops for school teachers, as well as the elderly, and to people suffering from Parkinson or Dementia. 


Astrid is a qualified teacher for physical education. She's a having spent her life bike riding, horseback riding, rowing, sailing, swimming, whitewater kayaking, playing volleyball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, and dancing.  Her great pleasure is help others, through the Alexander Technique to move beautifully, comfortably and pleasurably. 


Astrid in front working with Clementine


Irene Schlump


As an actress Irene uses the Alexander Technique to bring people into contact with their creativity, spontaneity and serenity. To this end she explores how we can meet ourselves, the roles we “play” and our expressive possibilities - vocally, emotionally, physically, verbally. Irene has been a nurse and studied theater, film and television, before doing her Alexander training at the Alexander Alliance Germany (2002-2006). She works with groups in many institutions of adult education such as the Figurentheater-Kolleg Bochum. She is also a Living In A Body™ Instructor, teaches individual lessons at OskarKulturhaus Bochum and works in various theater productions. In 2013 she wrote her first play.



Alexandra Buschmann

Alexandra's great love is dance and movement. As a graduate of social pedagogue and dance education she worked for many years in social institutions and on social projects. In 2001 she opened her own studio in Wetter (Ruhr). She teaches various movements and dance classes: healing exercises, reflex work, Anna Halprin's movement ritual, Bartenieff Fundamentals, free contemporary dance, contact improvisation, yoga meets modern ballet, etc. Alexandra offers workshops in various techniques and of course, in the Alexander Technique. Since 2008 she has also offered individual lessons in Alexander Technique.

Alexandra serves as a supporting teacher at the Alexander Alliance Germany.



Christine Träger

Christine Träger encountered the Alexander Technique after she had been working for many years as an engineer in the field of process engineering and later as a business woman in an ecological furniture store.

She pursued her training as a teacher of AT with the Alexander Alliance, and since 2006 Christine has been teaching Alexander's work, individually, as well as in groups. In workshops she likes considering the Alexander Technique in relation to real everyday life issues. To experience “seeing” as it relates to “being” and to pass this on to her students is a matter especially dear to her heart. She has been dancing Tango and teaching AT to Tango dancers for many years.

Christine serves the Alexander Alliance as a mentor and counselor for trainees and graduates. 



Hendrik Klein

Words used to be Hendrik's primary way to inform and educate, having studied history at university and later working as journalist and science writer, and currently also as a translator and writer for the Alexander Alliance. Training at the Alexander Alliance between 2011-2015 gave Hendrik another medium through which to teach. Driven to find out how movement is our mother tongue and how the body knows the mind, training to be an Alexander teacher also led him to explore many related fields: the work of Ida Rolfing and other body-mind disciplines such as yoga, Mindfulness training, and the Feldenkrais Method among others. Born in Germany and now based in Strasbourg, France Hendrik teaches on both sides of the border in private practice, as well as in companies and institutions.

Hendrik serves as a supporting teacher at the Alexander Alliance Germany.

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