The Alexander Alliance Post Graduate Training

England / Switzerland

Currently the Alexander Alliance International conducts two Post Graduate Training Programs For Alexander Technique Teachers, one in England and one in Switzerland. Alexander teachers are also welcome to visit our training program in Germany for additional guidance and training.


Gone is the straight-lined striving, the stopping and oughting. Instead curiosity, inquisitiveness, and permission to experiment, to play, to open boxes and to climb out of them into a world of possibility – a world both soft and strong. And all this through a quiet power, an exquisite touch, a clarity of speech, and a wealth of wisdom. For me, Bruce’s work is more than exciting; it is important, both to the world and to anyone involved in any way with Alexander’s Technique. (Annie Turner, Alexander Technique Teacher, England)



Our links below will give you all the information you need to know about our

Alexander Alliance Post Graduate Training Program
For Alexander Technique Teachers


The start of a new program is scheduled for spring 2021.

Switzerland (download flyer)

The start of a new program is scheduled for spring 2021.

Details will follow soon. Here are the dates for 2021:

March 14-21, 2021 & October 24-31, 2021