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Living In A Body
Body Mapping Course


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We are enthusiastic to bring you the anatomy classic Living in a Body, LIAB™, in its latest, most mature and comprehensive form.


LIAB™ is a legend to us old hands! Robyn started this course in the mid 90’s and has continued to develop it. Never before had we experienced anatomy in such a playful and surprising way! This course is a marvel of changing perspectives and unexpected ways of looking at things. Illuminating and ingenious are the constructive images which - as an alternative to the many unconscious anatomical misconceptions - allow a new constructive approach to ourselves. Groupgames in particular will become unique building blocks for your own pedagogy. The knowledge and understanding, the lived anatomy that this course releases will be indispensable in your own teaching activities. LIAB™ was and is a milestone along the way.

Here you will find more details and registration options for LIAB

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