Visiting the Teacher Training Program
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Here are the best times to visit and experience our teacher training program. 

Bruce’s touch is like a butterfly settling down on the very turning point of your soul. And then you know, ‘That’s who I am, that is who I could be.


Margarete Tüshaus, Alexander Technique Teacher

19-27 October, 2019 in Germany

9-10 November, 2019 in Switzerland

1-2 May, 2020 in Switzerland

4-12 July, 2020 in Germany

10-18 October, 2020 in Greece

7-8 November 2020 in Switzerland

Margarete directs our weekend gatherings and our four day retreat. Experience her deep and transformative work and find out for yourself why so many people love her teaching.   

29 Nov.-1 Dec., 2019 in Germany

18-19 January, 2020 in Switzerland

22-23 February, 2020 in Switzerland

13-15 March, 2020 in Germany

20-24 May, 2020 in Germany

18-20 September, 2020 in Germany

Knowing Robyn has changed my life. If you want to learn to enjoy what you do, she is the one you want to meet. Robyn teaches ease, grace, high performance, curiosity and freedom. Her enthusiasm is contagious.


M. Klemm - MD, Alexander Technique Teacher

21-22 March, 2020 in Switzerland
11-19 April, 2020 in Germany
​12-13 September, 2020 in Switzerland

During our 5-day summer retreat you meet everyone: our trainees, many of our graduates, and much of our faculty as well as other people interested in training. And after the summer retreat you can stay over a couple of days and jump into our training program.

4-12 July, 2020 in Germany 


Here is the complete teacher training schedule for our teacher training programs in Germany and in Switzerland.

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