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Bruce Fertman offers several options to study online with him.
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A Grace of Sense
Where Our Inner World and Outer World Meet
Part I


 A 10 Week Online Course  


with Bruce Fertman

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We look at this image and it strikes us as exactly what we don’t want to be doing right now. In this time of physical distancing we are doing all we can to live safely within our own circle, to live in our own sterilized bubble so as not to overlap with anyone or anything. We want to be safe. We want others to be safe. We want to survive physically, mentally, and emotionally. In no way am I suggesting we should not be practicing physical distancing and doing all we can to avoid contracting the coronavirus or transmitting it to others. Living in Osaka, Japan, I know how fortunate I am to be part of a calm, organized, sanitary, mask-wearing, bow greeting, high tech, collectively conscious society that believes in science, can do the math and act accordingly.  Solutions clearly exist for physically surviving this virus, and like virtually everyone in Japan, I do what I can to protect myself and everyone else.

However, if the seat of our soul, (psyche, heart/mind, animating spirit, breath), exists where our inner world and the outer world meet, that is, if the seat of our soul does not exist exclusively within our own little bubble, then for us to survive spiritually means we must find ways of living in the overlap. The goal of this training is to lead us out of isolation and safely into the overlap, not only for the purpose of surviving this pandemic but for life after this pandemic as well.

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