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There’s a good bit of writing I’ve shared here with my readers over the last few years, some of it dating back 30 years, some of it written last week. The best way to read my writings is to simply click on the button below entitled Archives. That will take you to my blog. Look to the right of the page, scroll down a little bit and click on Select Categories.

A long list will appear. Simply click on something that interests you: anatomy, beauty, touch, breathing, walking, teaching, aging, the alexander technique, etc. Or type in a word like inhibition or direction, or a person like Marjorie Barstow or Erika Whittaker and see what comes up. If you’d like to stay abreast of my current writings, choose to follow my blog. That’s what 2400 people are doing, which never ceases to amaze me. Just write in your email address click on Sign me up! It’s really easy.

Bruce Fertman is one of the foremost representatives of Marjorie Barstow’s lineage. He is a philosopher/poet and writer who gives voice to what is wonderful about the Alexander Technique. (Michael Frederick, Founding Director of the International Congresses for the Alexander Technique)

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